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Nicotine pouches (also called modern oral nicotine products) are white pouches containing nicotine among other ingredients. They do not include tobacco leaf, dust, or stem. The nicotine may either be derived from tobacco plants or may be synthetic. Nicotine pouches are described as either similar to or a tobacco-free version of snus.

To use a nicotine pouch, the user puts a pouch between the upper lip and gum, and leaves it there while the nicotine and taste is being released. When finished, the pouch is disposed of. Many brands have a storage area in the top case (a ‘catch lid’) where used pouches can be kept if no trash can is readily available. The small pouches are not like chewing tobacco, as the user does not need to spit, since the contents of the pouches stay inside the pouches during use. No combustion is involved during use.


In addition to nicotine, the pouches typically contain food-grade fillers, sweeteners, and flavorings. The main ingredient in nicotine pouches in terms of volume is plant fibre. Plant fibers are used to fill the pouch and give it the desired shape, fit, and properties. Different brands use different fibers but some of the most common derive from eucalyptus and pine. Nicotine pouches are sold in an array of flavors, such as peppermint, black cherry, coffee and citrus, among many others.[1] The nicotine content among nicotine pouch brands typically varies from 1 mg/pouch to 10  mg/pouch although some have much more. Nicotine pouches usually have a longer shelf-life than traditional snus.

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